Working With Disaster - Part 1

What did one earthquake say to the other? "It's not my fault!"

New Zealand's very design is the result of millions of years of plate boundaries being forced together. New Zealanders live with over 4000 magnitude three or above earthquakes per year. Compare this with Australia who record about 100 earthquakes over magnitude three per year.

New Zealand is subject to constant tectonic pressure as the Pacific tectonic plate subducts (or dives underneath) the Australian tectonic plate. Given this, there is a very good chance a natural disaster may occur while you are at work, therefore, an Emergency Plan or written procedure telling people in the workplace what to do in an emergency is essential in any workplace.

Over the next three weeks, we will discuss workplace Emergency Plans including...

  1. What to include in your plan
  2. What to consider when making an Emergency Plan
  3. Maintaining and testing Emergency Plans.


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