Maintaining and Testing Emergency Procedures

A well maintained emergency plan should be reviewed and updated when…

  • When there are changes to work activities or the physical workplace
  • If the workers who have emergency responsibilities change 
  • If new risks have been identified. 

Emergency plans should be tested at least yearly. 

Testing can be as simple as thinking of a likely scenario (e.g. fire, tsunami, robbery or earthquake) and working it through the plan, or staging a mock emergency such as a fire drill, to test how well the plan works. 

Following any testing, a review should be conducted to identify areas for improvement or updating. This should include seeking and considering feedback from your workers. 

Worker Engagement 

You must engage with your workers when making decisions about emergency plans and when proposing changes that may affect their health or safety.

All ThinkSafe members have access to both Emergency Plans and Drill Reports for recording and reviewing drill effectiveness. These resources can be found in your ShareFile.


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