So, What's unique about ThinkSafe? Part 1

The support we provide clients!

Here at ThinkSafe we like to be seen as your safety partner.

ThinkSafe can operate as a complete, stand-alone safety solution or alongside established and existing systems. 

So how can ThinkSafe membership add true value to your business?

1. The Managed service. All ThinkSafe clients receive scheduled and regular check ins throughout the year. As your people, risk profile and legislation change we are nearby to offer high level support and quality gold standard safety solutions.

2. Occupational Health and Safety System fully supported by the ThinkSafe APP and Dashboard. There is simply no need for paper. Essential forms for administrating an effective safety management system are all available on the ThinkSafe APP, plus this data is secure and accessible through the ThinkSafe App Dashboard. 

3. Prequalification assistance. Use ThinkSafe’s Prequalification to make reasonable enquiry as to the capability of your subcontractors or ask our experts for advice on gaining the best possible external prequalification scores. Why not have one of our team review your answers before you submit?

4. 24/7 Incident support free for all ThinkSafe members. We assist with notifiable incidents to WorkSafe, Duty Holder Reviews, WorkSafe Prohibition or Improvement Notices or prosecutions. Read our recent blog post.

5. Online Training. Join ThinkSafe, and our online health and safety training becomes available to all of your employees at no cost.  

6. Advisory Service. Business hours advisory for any health and safety issue or concern. This includes health and safety document review.

7. Data monitoring. Our on-call team of experts monitor incidents and hazards 24/7. Safety critical submissions trigger a personal response from us

Email us at support@thinksafe.co.nz or call 0800 600 004


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