So, Whats unique about ThinkSafe? Part 2

The Power of our Technology

Have you ever wondered what doesn’t get reported?  

Are you looking for a way to bring your safety system into one, easy to manage place where all staff are able to turn the safety cog from their smartphones?

Many businesses rely on dated reporting systems that are too confusing and cluttered using a variety of paper-based forms. If staff find it difficult to report, chances are your not getting the intel you desperately need to resource, and manage the risk you own. 

The data collected has become so rich, that many of our clients are no longer measuring the volume of reports as one guideline to safety system success. The “value added” factor has, in many cases, become the focus for objective setting and staff reward systems.

Speedy reporting, containing valuable content with high level suggestive actions offered from those directly at the coal front is bridging the gap between work as imagined from the office and work as done in the field. 

And, worker engagement is going through the roof!

Thousands of ThinkSafe clients all over the world are busy harnessing the power of our technology to improve reporting and digitalise field-based workflow processes:


We digitalise any paper process quickly and efficiently into a digital form. All our technology works offline and you can connect your data to other software. You can even receive alerts and notifications when forms are uploaded. 

You can export your forms to your own company templates, or add existing data bases to your forms. 
You can create tasks and dispatch them to other users or add documentation you might need to be available on the APP.

You can add process steps to workflows where other Users can approve / reject or authorise a form submission. 

All of your data is secure and safe – ThinkSafe is HIPAA compliant – GDPR ready with regular penetration tests performed.


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