Why Plan for Safety

ThinkSafe Today's Plan

Why is planning a daily safe system of work important? 

It helps us to identify our goals and focus discussion on what we need to do today to get the job done efficiently and safely. It also makes sure that everyone involved understands the goal, and what we need to do to reach it. By involving everyone in the planning process both work goals and safety goals can be achieved more effectively.

By following planned guidelines, we keep all employees healthy and protect their well-being. They can then perform their jobs more effectively, and be confident that they don’t have to worry about being injured or suffer from an illness. This creates a more positive atmosphere and everyone can be more comfortable at work.

Safety plans must be adhered to because if they are not, some employees can put all other employees at risk. Work place accidents translate into human suffering, days missed from work, reduced productivity, and lost profits.

Employees should feel safe at work and protected workplace risks.

ThinkSafe Today’s Plan:

ThinkSafe have developed an APP called Today’s Plan. This APP is designed to make it easy to plan a productive, enjoyable and safe day at work. 

The idea is to gather the work team and run through the prompts. Completing the form on the APP leaves a demonstrated trail of worker engagement. It clearly aligns the team’s goals for the day and allows some time before work begins to communicate the sequence of work tasks, and the roles and responsibilities for the day.

The App Functions:

• The date auto populates on beginning the form.
• The APP prompts the user for a name of the person in charge.
• There is a GPS function to lock in your location in google maps (this function works regardless of internet connectivity).
• There are three simple questions to answer (voice to text can be used).
1. What are our tasks for the day?
2. Who’s doing what?
3. What needs to be done to complete the task safely?

• There is a photo field to drop in a picture of the site.
• There is a multiple signature field.

ThinkSafe’s Today’s Plan comes as part of a suite of digital forms available on the ThinkSafe Field Data APP. The APP is easily located in the APP Store, Google Play or Windows Store. The APP works offline and can be download onto any PC, smartphone, or tablet. The ThinkSafe APP is included with the ThinkSafe Standard Membership package.


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