APP Review

ThinkSafe Water Assessment

Another exciting tool in the ThinkSafe APP suite is the ThinkSafe Water Assessment APP. This APP has been developed as a focused water risk assessment to be completed on the day the activity is taking place. The APP would be ideal for Schools, Surf coaches, Kayak tours etc. The Water Assessment APP would be useful for any activity where you are required, as part of your work to manage water risk.  

1. The APP begins with a GPS function which will place you on the map anywhere in the world and it works offline, so this is ideal for remote water-based activities.
2. The APP then automatically populates the date and time. You can slide the date back/forward if you need to.
3. Activity taking place, this section is a text box where you enter some basic information about the activity. The user can activate voice to text and just speak into their phone or tablet and it will populate.
4. Group size allows the user to enter the number of participants.
5. Number of supervisors section just requires a number to be input.
6. Photo function, the APP the prompts you to either choose or capture a photo. This is ideal, a picture tells 1000 words and will give a great indication of the conditions the group are faced with.
7. Video function is the next step and again with ocean-based activities a video can capture the movement of the sea waves and currents, etc.
8. From here, the APP moves on asking you to assess the following critical environmental factors. A number indicates the level of risk, and it asks you to add 
controls after each section.
- Water risk 2-4
- Temperature risk 1-3
- Weather risk 1-3
- Remoteness risk 1-3
- Other
9. Finally, the APP will provide a risk score as it automatically populates the numbers entered. The risk matrix demonstrates whether additional controls are required for the activity to go ahead, and it offers a chance to select “GO” or “No GO” before a signature field for sign-off.
The main benefit of this tool is its simplicity, whilst still providing a gold standard risk assessment, focusing the user on the most critical risk. A group supervisor can demonstrate daily, high-level risk management, building a robust trail of engagement that the PCBU can check in real time from the office.  


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