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Plant Maintenance APP

Most accidents are preventable. ThinkSafe’s Incident support team are often involved in the incident investigation process after serious harm has occurred. The reactive nature of many New Zealand businesses means they rely on learning after the incident has occurred. Hindsight is a wonderful, powerful, and necessary tool, unfortunately, hindsight cannot repair the victim, hindsight cannot take away the trauma and hindsight cannot relieve the suffering.

When you get hurt, who else gets harmed? Most likely the people you care about the most. Whatever you’re doing, think about how safe you are, so you can keep doing the things you love with the people you love.

New Zealand farms have never been safer with simple tools like the ThinkSafe Plant Maintenance APP. The APP allows anyone tasked with managing farm plant, equipment, and machinery to keep track of everything.

The APP works on any smartphone or tablet and works offline so remoteness is not a barrier to keeping good records. Primarily and most importantly, this APP is an easy tool to register and maintain farm equipment and machinery. Secondly, the information is demonstrated, documented proof that you are actively managing the risk you own.   

The APP prompts the user through the following steps…
1. Plant name
2. Photo field (capture or use existing picture)
3. Description
4. Make/Model/Serial number/Engine number/Number plate/Company/ Location
5. Required maintenance Weekly/Monthly/Annually
6. Who’s responsible

Doing nothing is not an option, accepting serious injuries and accidents as a part of your job, is also not an option. 

16th August 2021

WorkSafe New Zealand is once again reminding businesses that regular servicing and proper maintenance of quad bikes can save lives. The reminder comes after the sentencing of two businesses in Timaru District Court on August 5.

Dairy Holdings Limited and Coryston Limited were sentenced under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 following the death of their employee in September 2019.The employee, Stacey Rodgers, died because of crushing injuries that occurred during a quad bike roll-over.

A WorkSafe investigation found that the condition of the quad bike was consistent with an ATV that had been in regular use but had not been serviced for a prolonged period. The quad bike’s brakes, steering, suspension, and front bull bar/bumper were all in need of servicing/repair. The investigation concluded that the quad bike was not fit for use in a farming environment as it needed mechanical repair.

“There are far too many preventable quad bike accidents happening across New Zealand. This is another tragic reminder that farm vehicles such as quad bikes must be regularly serviced and adequately maintained,” says Area Investigation Manager Steve Kelly.

On average, five people die in work related quad bike accidents each year and many more are injured. Most quad bike injuries and fatalities are caused by the quad bike rolling over.


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