Premium Membership Benefits

Includes all Standard Membership Benefits Plus

Diagnostic Assessment

This is where we find out about your business. We cover a range of topics including: 

  • Core business activities
  • Critical risks
  • Operational sites and areas
  • Staffing etc.

Implementation Meeting 

This is where we onboard you to ThinkSafe. We cover a range of topics including:

  • Coaching on the ThinkSafe APP and dashboard
  • Introduction to Sharefile and your ISO 45001 Management System
  • Overview of membership benefits
  • Custom APP development and client use cases
  • Systems thinking and how our technology can create other business efficiencies
  • Introduction to the critical control management framework
  • Due diligence requirements of officers.

Bowtie Risk Assessment

ThinkSafe will work with you to create bowtie risk assessments for your highest risk activities. 

We apply a Critical Control Management approach which has the following benefits:

  • Focuses on a smaller and more manageable number of risk controls – the critical controls
  • Documents the critical controls in a simple format, making explicit the performance required of them, how they are to be checked and who is responsible for them
  • Senior managers now have the detail to ask good-quality questions about critical controls even if the subject-matter is outside of their expertise.

Quarterly Reports

Every 90 days you will receive a quarterly activity report from ThinkSafe.

The report includes information on engagement levels, hazard observations, incidents and meetings that have occurred. 

The report shows trending over time and helps officers with their due diligence obligations, that systems are in place to manage the hazards in the business and they are implemented and effective.

Yearly Review

ThinkSafe facilitates a yearly review of health and safety processes in the business. Focus areas include:

  • risk management
  • relationships
  • resourcing
  • incidents
  • engagement and participation
  • health and safety objectives

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