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ThinkSafe Health and Safety Maturity Assessment and Reporting Dashboard.

By completing a Health and Safety Maturity Assessment on the ThinkSafe APP, you will obtain a Health and Safety Maturity Score for your organisation. The assessment is aligned with the international OHS Management System Standard ISO 45001, Totika Assessment Standard and Core Criteria and reflects the principles of doing safety differently.
The assessment has 12 modules broken up into 30 questions and 169 elements and is represented on a live interactive reporting dashboard. After completing the assessment, the organisation will receive a health and safety maturity score. An organisation can do repeated assessments capturing how the health and safety maturity is evolving over time.

The reporting dashboard can showcase the data at the organisational level or broken down by site or department. The Health and Safety Maturity Assessment on the ThinkSafe APP includes support and guidance documentation which showcases best practice for the 12 modules and can be downloaded on demand.

The ThinkSafe Health and Safety Maturity Assessment can be used in the following ways:
·     Assesses your organisations current state
·     Monitor and improve your organisations health and safety capability over time
·     Prepare for Totika Pre-qualification or ISO 45001 Accreditation
·     To assist your safety team
·     Easy to understand and interpret visual report for the Leadership team
·     Highlight priority focus areas
·     Help with Officer due diligence requirements (that systems are in place to manage the hazards in the organsiation and the extent to which they are implemented and effective).

Contractor Pre-qualification

The Thinksafe digital pre-qualification saves so much administration time. 

Simply send a link to your contractors and they can answer the questions and upload documents.

All of the responses are collectively stored in your reporting dashboard. 

Safe, secure and stored in one place with no emails or documents to save.

Customised Reporting Dashboard

ThinkSafe will develop an interactive reporting dashboard to meet your individual reporting requirements.

ThinkSafe provides guidance by analysing what you are currently doing in this space and making recommendations.

Best practice is to report to the leadership team on risk, relationships and resources. This provides the information required to assist in the governance team meeting their due diligence requirements.

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