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ThinkSafe’s top three tips for a safe start to 2021

New year, new health and safety? Not quite but H&S might seem new to your team after they’ve spent a couple weeks soaking up the end of year break - and who can blame them... While we all might be physically at work, it’s normal to still be on holiday mentally, which is when H&S can slip by the wayside and mistakes can happen. That’s why the start of the year is a great opportunity to take stock of your H&S. To get you started, check out ThinkSafe’s top three tips for a safe start to 202...

January 11, 2021

ThinkSafe at Safetree Connect for Success

ThinkSafe Managing Director Andrew Burns, talks Safetree Connect for Success Conference... It’s been a week or so since ThinkSafe attended the Safetree Connect for Success Conference, supporting our forestry sector and the wellbeing of foresters. Connect for Success was put on by the Forestry Industry Contractors Association, Forestry Industry Safety Council and Safetree NZ. It was based on the fact that more than just best safety practices, successful workplaces are also influenced by th...

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