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ThinkSafe: Your Complete Solution for Health and Safety Management

Paperless Health and Safety

Paperless Health and Safety
A powerful offline capable App, infinitely customisable and easy to use.

Compliant Health and Safety System

Health and Safety System
Health and Safety Plan and Policy documentation, Risk Register, Contractor Management, Emergency Response.

Expert Health and Safety Advice

Expert Health and Safety Advice
HASANZ registered. We offer pre-qualification, contracts, technical and incident support, all included with your ThinkSafe membership.

Record all safety processes with the ThinkSafe App

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Key Tools for Maintaining Team

Compliance at Work Sites


Monitor Compliance

Ensure compliance from workers with real-time monitoring.

Easy to use

Decluttered User Experience

Workers only see Forms assigned to them, which fosters engagement.

Tasks on phone

Task Management

Tasks allow you to assign Forms, Documents, and free text Instructions to specific App users in the field.

Ring binders

Access to Documentation

The Docs feature allows you to upload and manage any kind of file that you want to make available to App users in the field.

Notification bell

Email and Text Notifications

Receive alerts automatically when a form is uploaded or set up criteria for notifications such as a failed inspection.

Offline access

Offline Access

Use the App and continue working with or without an internet connection with full offline capability.

Location pin

Location History of Users

Know where your team is & what they’re working on.

Green tick

Super Easy to Use

The App is intuitive and very easy to use. Training and support is included to ensure successful implementation.

What's unique about ThinkSafe?

Industrial Grade Form Builder

  • Digitise with Ease: Specialising in converting any paper process into digital form.

  • Versatile Functionality: Offering a wide range of 23 different form fields, each equipped with 210 distinct functions.

  • Flexible Solutions: Choose to learn form development yourself or opt for our expert assistance.

  • Unmatched Speed and Efficiency: Renowned for setting industry benchmarks in rapid and efficient service delivery.

Cogged wheel
App stores

Fully Native App

  • Cross-Platform Support: Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • PC Compatibility: Ideal for detailed tasks like incident reports on Windows PCs, leveraging keyboard input and large displays.

  • Mobile Functionality: Enables quick data capture on iOS and Android devices, perfect for fieldwork and on-the-go documentation.

Process Steps

Process Step Feature: Multi-User, Single-Form Collaboration

  • Collaborative Form Completion: Enables multiple App users to contribute to different sections of the same form, each from their own device.

  • Practical Example: A permit to work form can be initiated by an employee, filled out partially, and then passed to a supervisor for further completion and authorisation, all through individual devices.

Process steps
ThinkSafe connectors

Seamless Integrations with Popular Software

  • Effortless Data Transfer: Easily push and pull data between the ThinkSafe App and other systems using our built-in connectors.

  • Wide Range of Compatibility: Achieve seamless integration with platforms like Dropbox, Sharepoint, PowerBi, Google Drive, and many others.

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Easy Access with a Simple Scan

  • Camera Scan Convenience: Use your device's camera for quick, hassle-free access. No need for login or app downloads.

  • Instant Reporting and Documentation: Effortlessly report hazards and incidents, sign and acknowledge documents.

  • Enhanced Interaction: Provide feedback, complete inductions, and easily access safety forms and resources.

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ThinkSafe Portal

  • All-in-One Solution: Includes an implementation guide, custom health and safety plan and policies, a risk register, and digital contractor management tools.

  • Extensive Resource Library: Access a wide range of safety resources at your fingertips.

  • Expert Support: Utilise our ticket system for assistance from tertiary qualified safety practitioners.

  • Streamlined Safety Processes: Designed to make managing workplace safety more efficient and effective.

Portal dashboard
Training dashboard

Online Safety Training

Unlimited access Included with ThinkSafe Membership.

  • Key Safety Topics Covered: Includes modules on a variety of subjects such as legislative duties, due diligence, worker responsibilities, risk management, and more.

  • Completion Validation: Each training module ends with a completion signature, acknowledging the learning journey.

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