Partner with ThinkSafe for ongoing health and safety support and customisable technology at an affordable price

Partnering with small and large organisations worldwide

Why choose us? We care about health and safety for you and your business and partnering with ThinkSafe will give you the customised technology and support you need, for absolute peace of mind.

Save time, save money, manage risk, be compliant, gain entry to site, win contracts, safeguard your business against potential fines and get support when you need it most. 

Powerful technology, Expert advice, Compliant system.

Paperless Health and Safety
A powerful offline capable APP, infinitely customisable and easy to use.

Expert Health and Safety Advice
HAZANZ registered. We offer prequalification, contracts, technical and incident support, all included with ThinkSafe membership.

Compliant Health and Safety System
We're aligned with and successfully audited against ISO 45001, Totika, SiteWise, SHE Software, IMPAC Prequal and more.

Get rid of paperwork, save money and time with your ThinkSafe APP

The ThinkSafe APP is the most efficient, easy-to-use, powerful, infinitely customisable, offline capable, versatile Health and Safety APP on the market.

From our home in New Zealand to the jungle in Papua New Guinea, the ThinkSafe APP has been field tested in some of the most remote and rugged, offline environments in the world.

Our APP covers everything you need to effectively manage Health and Safety for any workplace or site.

The ThinkSafe APP works offline on any device or tablet, or even on a windows computer.

Clients using the ThinkSafe APP

ThinkSafe APP and Dashboard Demonstrations

Proudly partnering with small and large enterprises worldwide

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