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ThinkSafe APP

The ThinkSafe APP is the most efficient, easy-to-use, offline-capable and versatile Health and Safety App on the market.

Exclusive to ThinkSafe members and ideal for project managers and business owners, our APP allows you to manage all Health and Safety onsite from your mobile device, including inductions, inspections, meetings, hazard and incident reporting.

Trusted by more than 90 industries across eight countries, from NZ to the jungle in Papua New Guinea, our systems have been field tested in the most remote and rugged offline environments in the world.

There is no limit to the number of forms you can have per user, your membership is all inclusive!

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ThinkSafe Dashboard

Your ThinkSafe APP will automatically connect to your ThinkSafe Dashboard. Your Dashboard notifications are personally reviewed by our team, not software. If there's a hazard report or serious incident that comes through, we'll call or e-mail you direct and work through it together.

Managed service

When you partner with ThinkSafe, you partner with people not software.

Our emphasis on support is what sets us apart. From everyday queries to serious notifiable incidents, as a managed service, you’ll receive the gold standard in Health and Safety support and advice.

We're only ever a phone call away

As part of offering a managed service, we’ll touch base with you throughout the year to make sure things are running safely and smoothly for your business:

  • Implementation: After sign-up, we’ll schedule a time to run through the implementation of your Health and Safety system and answer any initial questions you may have.
  • Six month check-in: Halfway through each year, we’ll reach out to see to how things are going.
  • Ten month check-in: Designed to make sure we keep up to date with any changes in your business, before your membership rolls over to a new year.
  • Renewal check-in: From year two onwards, you’ll also receive a renewal check-in to make sure you’re confident with the implementation and continued use of your Health and Safety system.

Outside of these check-ins remember, we're only ever a phone call or e-mail away.

Notifiable incident #1:
Fall from scaffold resulting in fractured back.

  • ThinkSafe assisted the client in completing an incident investigation report that was submitted to WorkSafe.

Outcome: No further action from WorkSafe

Notifiable incident #2:
Amputation of fingers whilst using wood splitter.

  • ThinkSafe assisted the client in completing an incident investigation report that was submitted to WorkSafe.

Outcome: No further action from WorkSafe

Both of these examples involved many hours of work and were completely free of charge for ThinkSafe members.

Staff training

As a ThinkSafe member, all your staff will have free access to our ThinkSafe Online Health and Safety Training Module, created by our in-house Health and Safety experts. It’s an interactive, comprehensive and cost-effective way to keep your workplace safe and compliant, and it takes just 45 minutes.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a Certificate signed off by ThinkSafe Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Burns, HASANZ Registered.

Why should you have Health and Safety Training in your workplace?

  • Ensuring your workforce has up to date Health and Safety training is a legislative requirement.
  • Evidence of Health and Safety training is a common requirement for prequalification and work site access.
  • Many workers have ongoing professional development requirements to maintain industry registration.

Prequalification assistance

At ThinkSafe, we know Health and Safety prequalifications are a vital step when selecting and managing Contractors. That’s why we assist our members and even their Contractors, with any Health and Safety prequalifications they’re required to complete.

We’ve successfully assisted members in passing over 30 different commercial, Government and private enterprise prequalification questionnaires. Simply send us the questions and we’ll line them up with your ThinkSafe Health and Safety System - it's that simple.

For unique requests, we’ll develop additional material.

Sharefile information

Keep all your documentation safe and in one place, with ThinkSafe’s ShareFile cloud storage. Whether you're in the office, onsite, or on-the-go, you can access and download documents directly from ShareFile, or upload documents for our team of Health and Safety experts to review.

Already a member? Sign into your ShareFile here.

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