Everything you need to manage safety, in the one place


Enhance inspections with photos, annotations, notifications, and comments for better quality processes.


Worker and site Inductions with signatures as evidence. Ensuring compliance has never been so easy to do.


Report unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, near miss events and positive acts. Create a positive reporting culture.


Manage corrective actions. Assign responsibilities, monitor progress, and track required actions to completion.


Record details, capture photos, audio witness statements, take videos, and collect signatures from witnesses.


Record toolbox meetings and safety meetings with voice to text. Take a photo of participants as evidence

Work Plan

Ideal for short duration jobs, offering quick setup without losing detail in risk-based planning.


The Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) can be exported to your company template to maintain your brand.

App Catalogue

Order the following at no extra charge, directly from the ThinkSafe App

  • Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP)

  • Audits

  • Confined Space Entry Permit

  • Covid 19

  • Customer Visit Log

  • Digger Pre Start Checklist

  • Drill Report

  • Spray Diary

  • Step Back 5x5

  • Employee Leave Request

  • End of Shift Report

  • Expenses Form

  • Farm Safety Checklist

  • Fertiliser Dairy

  • Food Safety

  • Forklift Pre-start Checklist

  • Hazardous Substances Register

  • Installation Work Order

  • Job Sheet

  • Job Hazard Analysis

  • Health and Safety Objectives

  • Paddock Maintenance

  • Plant Maintenance Register

  • Pre-qualification

  • Quadbike Inspection

  • RAM Form (Education)

  • Risk Assessment

  • Roof Work Plan

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Service Job Log

  • Sign In Sign Out

  • Silviculture and Logging

  • Site Specific Safety Plan

  • Test and Tag

  • Timesheets

  • Training Register

  • UAV Drone Operations

  • Water Assessment

  • Education Outside The Classroom

  • Safety Interaction

  • Quadbike Rider Assessment

Optimising the ThinkSafe App is simple

Review the ThinkSafe Forms

Customise the forms (optional)

Digitise your own forms (optional)

Decide who gets access to what

See how this client made health and safety faster, smarter and easier.

Bursting with functionality

  1. Works offline
  2. Generate and send reports automatically
  3. Real time incident reporting
  4. Instant onsite notifications
  5. Take pictures and annotate
  6. GPS and map locations
  7. Barcode & QR Code Scanning
  8. Photo, video and audio
  9. Map review of data
  10. Digital signatures and drawing
  11. Time and date stamp 
  12. Collect and store data securely
Photo editing area of Hazard Card

ThinkSafe Dashboard

ThinkSafe Dashboard offers secure, easily accessible data management. Features include:

  • Secure Storage: Ensures data safety and confidentiality.

  • Advanced Filtering: Quick access to data by date, type, user, or keyword.

  • Versatile Views: Choose from Map, Table, or Feed views for data presentation.

  • Effortless Exporting: Export data in bulk or individually in PDF or Excel formats.

  • Seamless Integration: Connects with other software via API for enhanced workflow.

Experience efficient, secure data management with ThinkSafe Dashboard.

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