Designed for immediate data capture at the scene of an incident.

Key Features:

  • Precise Location Tracking: Automatically captures the exact geolocation alongside time and date details.

  • Organised Data Categorisation: Sorts information into categories for easier analysis.

  • Photo Documentation: Enables taking and annotating photos to accurately document the incident scene.

  • Witness Statements in Audio/Video: Records witness accounts using audio or video.

  • Automated Incident Register Entry: Seamlessly integrates each incident into the Incident Register.


  • Rapid Data Collection: Quick capture of incident details.

  • Improved Accuracy: Detailed and accurate information recording.

  • Streamlined Analysis: Easier and effective data categorisation.

  • Enhanced Communication: Prompt alerts and coordination.

Common Customisation:

  • Notifications and escalation criteria: To fit the needs of different organisations.

  • Photo Gallery

Incident App
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