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Health and Safety Management System

Your ThinkSafe Sharefile is a secure, online platform that contains your Health and Safety Management System.

A Health and Safety Plan and Policy is essential when contracting for work, passing pre-qualifications and gaining access to site. If you are working with other businesses it is often the first thing they ask to see.

Your management system includes:

  • Tailor-made Health and Safety Plan
  • Policies (Health and Safety/Drug and Alcohol/Infectious Diseases)
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Risk Assessments
  • Contractor Management
  • Contractor Pre-qualification
  • Implementation Guide
  • Staff Training Module

Most of the work has been done for you. Simply log-in to your Sharefile account and revise the pre-populated Risk Assessments and then implement, using our step-by-step Implementation Guide.

We review any legislative changes and update your Health and Safety Plan, Policies and Risk Assessments annually, which are then automatically uploaded to your Sharefile.

Staff Training

As a ThinkSafe member, all your staff will have free access to our ThinkSafe Online Health and Safety Training Modules, created by our in-house Health and Safety experts. It’s an interactive, comprehensive and cost-effective way to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a Certificate signed off by ThinkSafe Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Burns, HASANZ Registered.

Why should you have Health and Safety Training in your workplace?

  • Ensuring your workforce has up to date Health and Safety training is a legislative requirement.
  • Evidence of Health and Safety training is a common requirement for prequalification and work site access.
  • Many workers have ongoing professional development requirements to maintain industry registration.

Prequalification Assistance

At ThinkSafe, we know Health and Safety prequalifications are a vital step when selecting and managing Contractors. That’s why we assist our members and even their Contractors, with any Health and Safety prequalifications they’re required to complete.

We’ve successfully assisted members in passing over 30 different commercial, Government and private enterprise prequalification questionnaires. Simply send us the questions and we’ll line them up with your ThinkSafe Health and Safety System - it's that simple.

For unique requests, we’ll develop additional material.

Incident Support

ThinkSafe has an incident support team ready to assist if a serious health and safety event occurs in your business.

The support ranges from assisting with all dealings with WorkSafe, helping with Incident Investigations, right through to working with your legal team if you were prosecuted.

Custom Form Development

ThinkSafe has a team of highly skilled developers who can take the paper out of any process for your organisation. With over 100 different logic, formula and conditions to apply to form design, we are not joking when we say that the ThinkSafe APP is infinitely customisable.

We also play nicely with others. Data can connect seamlessly with most other softwares such as Google Drives and Sheets, Dropbox, Power BI, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Sales Force and Zapier to name a few.

ThinkSafe gives access to our development team as a benefit of membership to streamline data capture and processing for your organisation. Development projects typically have a 24 hour turn around and is incredibly cost effective.

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