Open actions in Hazard reports automatically sync with the Actions App for clear visibility and management.

Key Features:

  • Task Flagging: Easily mark items for follow-up.

  • Responsibility Allocation: Notify the assigned person directly on their device.

  • Deadline Setting: Assign due dates for tasks.

  • Progress Tracking: Add notes and update status.

  • Auto-Clearing: Completed actions automatically disappear from the App.


  • Anywhere Access: Manage tasks remotely via the Actions App.

  • Increased Accountability: Offers global visibility within the organisation.

  • Documentation and Verification: Confirm and record completed actions with photo evidence.

  • Enhanced Workflow: Streamlines task management for better efficiency.

Typical Customisations:

  • Unified Tracking: Link inspections and meeting actions to the Actions APP for a centralised management system.

  • Adaptive Use: Employ the Actions App for job management, digital diary, and inventory control, catering to diverse organisational needs.

Actions App

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