Hazard Cards and Incidents

The Hazard Card is a tool used to communicate safety issues, like risky behaviours, dangerous situations, close calls, and safe actions

Submitted Hazard Cards can be shared and discussed during safety meetings. To encourage more reporting, it's a good idea to have a goal for how many Hazard Cards get submitted. This helps create a reporting culture where everyone's looking out for safety.

What did you observe?

We classify observations into four groups. 'Unsafe Acts' are mistakes people make, like driving too fast. 'Unsafe Conditions' are risks not caused by people, like a car tyre with no tread. 'Near Misses' are close calls (high potential near misses should be recorded as an incident). And 'Safe or Positive Acts' are when people follow safety rules.

Identify a corrective or remedial action

'Status' tells us if an action is done or not. 'Priority' shows how fast we need to act. To figure out risk, think about how likely something is to happen and what could go wrong if it does.

Reporting culture

A reporting culture is important in an organisation because it helps prevent incidents by encouraging everyone to spot and report potential hazards. This proactive approach builds a safer work environment, reducing harm and increasing productivity.

Incident Reporting

Fill in the Incident form when a serious event has occurred such as an injury, damage, security or environmental incident or a high potential near miss and you want to investigate to determine the causal factors and root cause.

When you submit this form it will automatically update your Incident Register.

Fill in the details

Classify the actual and potential consequence of the incident. Take photos and video, record witness statements.

Describe why or how you think it happened, recommendations and key lessons.

The form is designed to ensure vital information is captured at the scene of the incident. 

It will assist in determining causal factors and the root cause of the incident.

ThinkSafe has an incident support team ready to assist.

Incident Register

This form is for recording all incidents and near miss events that occur. It is a legal requirement for an organisation to maintain a register of incidents. This form is best for recording minor incidents that do not justify an in-depth investigation.


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