Key Safety Processes

Staff Induction

A thorough health and safety induction is essential when onboarding a new worker. It helps them understand workplace risks, equips them with skills to handle these hazards, and promotes a culture of safety. By clearly communicating workplace risks, you not only reduce incidents but also boost morale and productivity. A good induction is crucial for both compliance and the long-term success of the business.

Open the 'Induction/Training' folder and select 'Staff Induction'

Select your industry type

We have coded in high and medium workplace risks to assist the person who is facilitating the induction.

The hazardous substances section will display only if selected

Take a photo and capture a signature as evidence of the induction. The data is safely stored on the ThinkSafe Dashboard.


'Today's Plan' Meetings and regular 'Safety Meetings' are key to a safe workplace. They help identify possible risks and ensure everyone knows how to work safely. By involving workers in these discussions, you meet our duty under the HSWA 2015 to engage and participate with them on safety matters. This encourages a culture of safety, makes workers feel valued, and contributes to fewer accidents and a more productive workplace.

Today's Plan

This form is designed to record pre-start meetings. It can be recorded on the Todays Plan Board or in the ThinkSafe APP. There are three key questions. What is our task for today? Who is doing what? What needs to be done to complete the task safely?

Today's Plan Board

Provides visibility of the days activities for all working / visiting the work site.

Today's Plan can be easily managed with the app. You either record the plan on the corflute board we supply, snap a photo with the app, and record signatures. All this info is then safely stored in the app's dashboard. Alternatively, you can input the plan directly into the app. Both methods are simple, flexible, and secure.

Safety Meeting

You can use the ThinkSafe APP for recording your safety meetings. It gives you suggested topics to discuss and lets you record minutes on what was discussed. You can even use voice-to-text.

As for the frequency of holding safety meetings, it really depends on your risk profile. Things like the task, environment, and your team make up can affect how often you need to meet.

Site Inspection, Office Inspection, Workshop Inspection, Vehicle Inspection

Workplace safety inspections are important because they help identify potential hazards before they can cause harm. Inspections allow for an ongoing evaluation of the work environment and the practices followed. They provide a chance to check that safety rules are being adhered to and that equipment is functioning correctly. Ultimately, regular safety inspections contribute to a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment.

Safety Tour

Safety tours offer insightful observations of individuals, their actions, and the workplace surroundings, serving as a proactive behavior-based safety measure. This method's potency lies in its universal application, making it suitable for any work environment. By observing and addressing behaviors and conditions, safety tours significantly enhance the safety culture, fostering a safer and more conscientious work environment.


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