Job Hazard Analysis

An important risk management tool

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a method of identifying, assessing, and controlling hazards associated with specific jobs or tasks to prevent injuries or illnesses. It involves breaking down jobs into individual steps, identifying potential hazards, assessing their risk levels, establishing control measures, and regularly updating the analysis.

JHAs should be performed before introducing new processes, equipment, or following an accident, as part of regular safety reviews, or if health issues related to specific jobs arise.

JHAs are crucial for maintaining safety, complying with regulations, improving efficiency, providing information for training, and reducing the costs associated with workplace accidents.

Open 'Detailed Job Hazard Analysis.

Enter the steps in the activity

Then assess the risk level (severity and likelihood) with no controls in place using the risk matrix.

Hierarchy of control

Identify how you will control the risk and assess the risk level with controls in place.

Identify person (s) responsible

Then add new activity step to continue with he JHA.

Default field

To enhance efficiency and time management in daily JHA's for recurrent tasks, some clients opt to pre-fill or code in certain fields for activity steps and controls. This way, the worker focuses on documenting site-specific factors and any process variations, instead of repeatedly writing the same controls each day.

To export the JHA

Go to then 'Data Entries', 'Feed View', select form, Select 'Export Data'.

Select Job Hazard Analysis Detailed Template.xlsx.

Then 'Export' and click to download.

The Job Hazard Analysis will download to an Excel Sheet


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