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QR Code Data Capture

Easy Access with a Simple Scan

  • Camera Scan Convenience: Use your device's camera for quick, hassle-free access. No need for login or app downloads.

  • Instant Reporting and Documentation: Effortlessly report hazards and incidents, sign and acknowledge documents.

  • Enhanced Interaction: Provide feedback, complete inductions, and easily access safety forms and resources.

  • Customisation: Fully adaptable to your unique requirements.

Chose from the two options below

ThinkSafe QR Code / Webform

  • Cost: $2500 per year

  • Users: Unlimited

  • Monthly Entries: Includes first 250 entries

  • Data Management: Data integrates into the ThinkSafe dashboard, manageable like data from the ThinkSafe App

  • Integration: Full integration with ThinkSafe platform features

  • Customisation: Fully adaptable to your unique requirements

  • Best For: Comprehensive data management and integration with the ThinkSafe platform

QR Code / Webform

  • Cost: $1000 per year

  • Users: Unlimited,

  • Monthly Entries: No monthly entry limit

  • Instant Notifications: Stay updated in real-time with email notifications and PDF forms for each submission

  • Data Management: Data is sent to a live Google Sheet

  • Customisation: Fully adaptable to your unique requirements

  • Best For: Affordable solution with straightforward and real-time data handling


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