Risk Assessment

How to create a Risk Assessment 

When managing risk, think about your work areas and work activities. You need to identify your hazards and assess the risks. Prioritise them and start dealing with the most dangerous things first. Try to remove the risk completely from your workplace. If you can't get rid of the risk, minimise the risk by following this hierarchy of control: Substitute > Isolate > Engineering > Administration > Personal Protective Equipment.

Open 'Risk Management' then 'Risk Assessment'.

The form has an extensive library of pre-populated hazards, risk levels and controls

127 hazards have been loaded into the form. Select the 'Tap Here' button to view.

Simply type a key word

The hazard associated with the key word will display. Select the hazard and the form auto-populates with editable risk ratings and best practice controls. Review and adjust as required.

Monitoring / Actions / Comments

Enter the details including monitoring, actions required and responsible person (s).

Continue to 'Add New Record' to build up your risk assessment.

If you are dealing with a hazard not on the list

Simply select 'Add New' and enter the required details.

When finished, select 'Done'

Once you 'Submit' the form, any changes that you made to the controls, risks or any new hazards will update the data source and be available next time you open the form.

To export the risk assessment

Go to app.thinksafe.co.nz then 'Data Entries', 'Feed View', select form, Select 'Export Data'.

Select ThinkSafe Risk Assessment Template EDIT.xlsx.

Then 'Export' and click to download.

The Risk Assessment will download to an Excel Sheet


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