Standard Membership Benefits

In addition to the ThinkSafe App you also receive:

Health and Safety Management System

  • Tailor-made for your organisation.

  • Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan and Policies.

  • Industry Specific Risk Register.

  • Emergency Response Procedures.

  • Digital contractor management including pre-qualification questionnaire.

Access to the Online ThinkSafe Training

  • Free Access: Members access expert-designed safety modules.

  • Certification: Earn endorsed certificates by Andrew Burns.


  • Legal Compliance

  • Site Access & Pre-Qualification

  • Professional Growth

Empower your team with ThinkSafe for a safer, more compliant workplace.

Incident Support

ThinkSafes comprehensive support includes:

  • 24/7 Incident Support Hotline: Gain round-the-clock access to our incident support hotline, ensuring immediate assistance whenever you need it.

  • Assistance when dealing with WorkSafe: We provide expert help with all WorkSafe-related matters, including incident notifications, duty holder reviews, notifiable events, notifiable works, investigations, improvement notices, and prohibition notices.

  • Incident Investigation Assistance: Our team assists in investigating incidents to identify causal factors and root causes, ensuring a thorough understanding of each event.

  • Guidance on Corrective Actions and Lessons Learned: We help you develop and implement effective corrective actions, and extract valuable lessons to prevent future incidents.

  • Legal Team Support: In the event of prosecution, ThinkSafe offers specialised support to your legal team, aiding in your defence with expert insights and advice.

As a ThinkSafe Standard Member, you're equipped with a comprehensive suite of services designed to address and manage health and safety challenges effectively, enhancing your operational resilience and compliance.

Any questions?

Kickstart your journey to a better workplace and get in touch.

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