Standard Membership Benefits

In addition to the ThinkSafe App you also receive:

Health and Safety Management System

A Health and Safety Plan and Policy is not just a requirement; it's a vital aspect of securing contracts, meeting pre-qualification standards, and ensuring site access. Often, it's the first document other businesses request to review when you collaborate.

Your comprehensive management system features:

Customised Health and Safety Plan: Designed specifically for your business needs.

Extensive Policies: Covering crucial areas like Health and Safety, Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, and Environmental concerns.

Emergency Response Procedures: Preparedness plans for various emergency scenarios.

Risk Register: A detailed assessment of potential risks, ready for your final review.

Digital Contractor Management: Streamlines contractor coordination and oversight.

Digital Contractor Pre-qualification: Simplifies the vetting process, ensuring compliance and safety.

We've laid the groundwork for you. Simply fine-tune the Risk Register and implement your plan with the help of our detailed Implementation Guide.

Rest assured, we actively monitor legislative changes and annually update your Health and Safety Plan and Policies.

ThinkSafe Training

As a member of ThinkSafe, your staff gains complimentary access to our Online Health and Safety Training Modules. Developed by our expert in-house team, these modules offer a thorough and engaging way to enhance workplace safety and compliance, without added costs.

After completing the training, participants will receive a Certificate, endorsed by ThinkSafe's Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Burns, a recognised HASANZ Registered professional. This certification not only reinforces your commitment to safety but also enhances your team's professional qualifications.

The Importance of Health and Safety Training in the Workplace:

Compliance with Legal Requirements: Regular Health and Safety training is a legal obligation, ensuring your business remains informed and compliant with current safety regulations.

Pre-qualification and Worksite Access: Adequate Health and Safety training is often required for pre-qualification processes and is essential for accessing various worksites.

Ongoing Professional Development: For many professionals, continuous learning is necessary to maintain industry certifications. Our training modules are designed to fulfill these requirements, keeping your workforce safe and professionally up-to-date.

ThinkSafe's training modules are an effective and essential resource for maintaining a safe, compliant, and professionally advancing workplace.

Incident Support

ThinkSafes comprehensive support includes:

24/7 Incident Support Hotline

Gain round-the-clock access to our incident support hotline, ensuring immediate assistance whenever you need it.

Assistance when dealing with WorkSafe

We provide expert help with all WorkSafe-related matters, including incident notifications, duty holder reviews, notifiable events, notifiable works, investigations, improvement notices, and prohibition notices.

Incident Investigation Assistance

Our team assists in investigating incidents to identify causal factors and root causes, ensuring a thorough understanding of each event.

Guidance on Corrective Actions and Lessons Learned

We help you develop and implement effective corrective actions, and extract valuable lessons to prevent future incidents.

Legal Team Support

In the event of prosecution, ThinkSafe offers specialised support to your legal team, aiding in your defense with expert insights and advice.

As a ThinkSafe Standard Member, you're equipped with a comprehensive suite of services designed to address and manage health and safety challenges effectively, enhancing your operational resilience and compliance.

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